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Chocolate Packaging

Chocolate Foil
Chocolate inner Packaging
Chocolate Egg Foil
Wafer Packaging

Prepared Food  Beverage Packaging

Soup / Sweets
Powdered drinks
Nuts / Chips

Chewing Gum / Candy Packaging

Single Chewing Gum Wrapper
Multi Chewing Gum Wrapper
Soft Candy Wrapper

Medical / Healthcare Packaging

Band-Aid Packaging
Plaster Packaging

Dairy Packaging

Aluminium Die Cut Lids
Aluminium Foil Die Cut Lids
In Mould Labels

Ice Cream Packaging

Packaging film

      Eris Ambalaj flexible packaging industry since 1998, with the knowledge and experience in the flexible packaging industry has been active since 2006. Keeping pace with the ever changing market conditions and constantly expand the range of products to meet customers’ requests, we always maintain the highest level of quality and timely delivery of products at affordable prices to its customers to provide the most important principle of our company.

Based on the principle of high quality. ERIS AMBALAJ, in cooperation with Turkey’s leading flexible packaging companies, offers a wide range of the best products to customers.


Eris Ambalaj San. ve TIC. LTD. STI.

Ataturk Mahallesi Mustafa Kemal Caddesi

No: 25/1A 34758 Atasehir / Istanbul

+90 216 455 03 13

+90 216 455 01 33